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Science has developed thanks to new theories and experiments that proved them. Even in sports and art, continued practice after learning the basics is essential – in other words theory and experimentation. For the last 30 some years, I have been involved with the establishment and development of new businesses, and the turnarounds of money losing businesses, in my role at a trading company. During my time there, I had the opportunity to learn business logic, and looking back on how this affected me, I believe that I became better at being able to explain the reasons for the successes and failures of each business. I have created this website in order to introduce some examples of the businesses that I have been involved in, and allow readers to understand the fascinating nature of positioning based competitive strategy.

However, business strategy is only the result of logic, and not the final goal. An excellent sales ability is always required to implement the strategy on the front line. Despite this, there are almost no opportunities for those in Japanese companies to learn the art of selling first hand. I myself took part in many training sessions when I joined my last company, but none of them were focused on improving sales skills. In fact, there are no professionals that develop sales people in Japan. Good sales people are essential for sales, and sales are essential for revenues and profits. I will share with you my opinions, based on my extensive experience, regarding how best to develop sales skills.

Finally, I will share with you a new management theory, called the “Mathematical Management Theory”. The theory is an attempt to take advantage of mathematical principles to make information about business growth and competition clear and make predictions about the future. If you are interested, or you don’t believe it to be possible, please get in touch. I’d love to hear your opinion.

Sid Kimura
CEO of skimura Inc