Mathematical management ーMathematical Management Theories and Implementationsー

After I learned of the power of mathematical formulas in predicting the future from my uncle who was a Doctor of Engineering, I began to wonder if similar formulas could be applied to management, leading me to single handedly develop the “Mathematical Management Theory”. I put together all of my previous research findings in 2011. This theory is a new attempt at combining the wisdom of physics and biology with management theory.


There are various types of growth in society, but almost all of them are non-linear (curved). They start off slow, then gradually speed up, then gradually slow down. This concept allows for a more realistic prediction of growth. This can be taken advantage of when creating business and investment plans. The fundamentals version includes excel templates that you can use right away. For more details Template

Implementation Version 1

Your company is affected by your competitors, but you also exert an impact on your competitors. By expressing these influences in a formula, it is possible to predict growth in a competitive environment. Is there only room for one company, or can multiple survive? If multiple can survive, how much of the market will each cover? The more correct information about your company and your competitors, the more accurate it is predictable. Think of it as the mathematical theory application of one of the Sun Tzu’s old advice, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”
For more details Case A

Implementation Version 2

The theory will expand from focusing on competition to focusing on collaboration. Mathematical principles will be used to back up the merits of those in the same industry collaborating, or growing through M&A. Additionally, by adding the concept of fluctuation, it is possible to explain the cycle of economic conditions, and also prove how changes in management’s vision for a company can result in them losing out to their competitors. Please use this version for predicting the near future of your industry, and drawing up your management vision.
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