Strengthening sales


Personally, I used to think that sales ability was something that you naturally picked up as you learned from your superiors and gained experience. However, an Australian client of mine told me “We train salespeople with tapes of Tom Hopkins’ lectures. I’ll lend you one, so take a listen!”. Up until then, I had thought that the best sales methods must differ depending on the industry and type of job, in addition to whether it was a B to C or B to B sale. But I was surprised to learn that the fundamentals of sales are universal, and applied both in the East and the West, and in every industry. Since, then, my sales bible became Tom Hopkins’ ”How to Master the Art of Selling”. Here, I will introduce the documents that I used when teaching sales people based on the theory from this book. To strengthen ones sales ability, it is necessary to repeatedly practice in a way based on theory.

What is the real reason that some sales people are more successful than others?

How can you strengthen the abilities of your new sales people?

Why not learn the answers and solutions and try them out on your front line?

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